National Coalition For Aromantic Visibility

In Case You're Curious About Our History

The National Coalition for Aromantic Visibility was founded in late 2010 by three kids from Staunton, VA, who had noticed there wasn't a place anywhere else for them or others like them. Before the NCAV, the only information on aromanticism widely available was provided by AVEN, the Asexual Visibility and Eduction Network, and as such, applied to only a portion of the world's aromantics.

We threw this place together in hopes of providing a previously unavailable resource to everyone on the aro spectrum; aromantics, grey-aromantics, lithromantics, wtfromantics, and anyone else who finds that an aromantic or other altromantic orientation resonates with them.

The Aromantic community is still very young, but already we have found our experiences to be incredibly varied, with no one definition of what it means to be aromantic being universally applicable to all. Aromantics also come from wildly divergent backgrounds and subscribe to many different identities beyond our aromanticism. Our romantic orientation does not necessarily indicate our sexual orientation, and folks on the aro spectrum may be gay, straight, ace, or anything else.

The NCAV was intended to provide a community space as well as being an informational site. As our community has grown and other spaces have sprung up, we will try to function more as a hub for the online community.

You can contact me, the mod, at

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How about some aromantic FAQs?

So what does aromantic mean?

Well, many things, but let's take the basic components. 'A', meaning not, and 'romantic' meaning, well, romantic. Aromantics are people who, for whatever reason, do not subscribe to the romantic ideal.

What's that banner at the top about?

That, my friend, is a trail aromantic pride flag. The different stripes represent different aspects of aromanticism and our community. Green is for aromantics, who do not naturally experience romantic attachment. Yellow represents romantic friendship, friends with benefits, friendship dating, and queerplatonic relationships. Orange stands for lithromantics, individuals who experience romantic love but do not wish it returned. And finally, the black stripe is for romantics who consciously choose to reject traditional romantic culture. The community is currently discussing a redesign to make the flag more inclusive.

Wait, what's a lithromantic? What's queerplatonic mean? You keep using all these words.

Yes, I do. But I've also got a helpful glossary to clear up their meanings for you. See the link up there? Go click it!

Okay, so aside from a defining words, what does this site do?

Well, that's up to you! We have a forum that our scattered number might communicate, and we have an email address where you can send suggestions or what-have-you. New features will be added to the site as we find that we need them, or when one of you spots a way we could improve and lets us know.

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