The Coalition For Aromantic Visibility

Our History

This site was started in 2010 by a group of friends trying to carve out a space for themselves, and find out if there were others like them. At that point the only place anyone talked about aromantics was AVEN, and there were no resources for aromantics who fell outside that community.

Over time, the aromantic community began to grow and evolve, as we connected with one another. And, of course, we're still in flux today.

This site was intended to be a community space, as well as providing information. As our community has grown and other spaces have sprung up, we will try to function more as a hub for the community.

Creative Commons License

All content licensed under Creative Commons.

What does aromantic mean?

An aromantic person is a person who does not experience romantic attraction. But aromanticism is also a spectrum, and exactly what it means to someone can vary.

What's that image in your banner?

That is the aromantic pride flag, or at least one version of it. You may have seen a different flag on this site before. We've experimented with a variety of symbols throughout our growth as a community.

Who's running this site?

One of those kids from 2010. My qualifications are so-so, and my time is even less, but I try. If you want to contact me, you can at contact.nca

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